Tenuta Maryamado’s landscape and agricultural plans pursue 5 primary goals:

1. Greatly improve the quality and variety of the agricultural products grown on the estate utilising best practice organic farming, showcasing ancient varieties of crops and fruit that are being lost, and celebrating local traditions – both old and new.  We plan on producing highest quality Tuscan olive oil and wine with the help of modern technology and with great attention to all activities both in the field and during production. 

Regarding olive oil production, the centuries old olive trees represent traditional cultivars of Tuscany: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Morchiaio (the pollinator), and Leccio del Corno, an exclusive cultivar of this area. Our olives are picked early using the gentlest methods, and rapidly milled in modern olive mills, where low temperature and reduced oxidation impact are the rule.  The property is currently producing 5 monocultivar oils and one blend, with a plan to increase the line with a second blend being introduced in 2021. Our olive oils have already won several prizes nationally and internationally in only our 2nd year of production.

2. Undertake a state fo the art restoration of the historical gardens that had fallen into years of abandonment and neglect.

3. Improve the overall biodiversity of the entire estate through the involvement of local scientists and naturalists whose aim is to understand what currently exists in terms of flora and fauna, and then implement strategies to improve the biodiversity of the farm, with particular attention on bringing back rare and forgotten species which are endemic to the area.

4. Improve the cultural value of the estate through the incorporation of a small museum, installation of important pieces of art carefully positioned in the landscape, growing beautiful ‘orti’ (vegetable gardens) as well as creating picturesque stopping points or “belvedere” and gardens which seamlessly blend with the local context, not to mention the desire to bury all utility lines in order to improve the overall landscape panorama for everyone.

5. Create a wholistic plan for water and irrigation self-sufficiency, as well as implement significant improvements to the entire estate’s system of drainage and soil erosion control that has also fallen into years of neglect and disrepair. 

Tenuta Maryamado is an ambitious project that hopes to preserve a beautiful part of Tuscan cultural heritage for generations to come, and to produce local products of the highest quality from an area renown for producing high quality products for centuries thanks to its unique soil rich in limestone and clay formations, the particular climate and varied territory, and the knowledge of these ancient vocations passed down through the generations.

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